Field Tuner™

The Field Tuner™ is a specially designed antenna that collects and directs the energies that constantly bathe the earth, and also energies the earth emits. The beneficial energies that are emanating from space and the earth are directed to specific areas that are defined by the placement of the Field Tuner™. Some of the energies that the earth emits can have a tendency to scatter. These wandering energies are stabilized and harnessed to the benefit of the field.  

To properly install the Field Tuner™ requires an understanding of how the earth’s energies flow and how they can be best utilized to enliven the soil. When the Field Tuner™ is properly placed on the correct lay lines in a field the added concentration of subtle earth energies helps the soil to achieve a balanced state with increased vitality.
The Field Tuner™ can also act as an antenna to receive radionically broadcasted signals that are created for each location where the Tuner is installed. These specific signals can be directed toward any kind of imbalance in the soil, or the plants depending on what each situation requires.  

The goal of working with the Universal flow of energies and tide is to increase the vitality of the soil being managed.  

For further information on earth energies, we suggest two books:

1. Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird (1998). Secrets of the Soil: New solutions for Restoring Our Planet. Earthpulse Press, Inc.

2. Callum Coats (2002). Living energies: Victor Schauberger's Brillian Work With Natural Energy Explained. Gateway Books.