Light Rhythms™ EMF Protectors 

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Light Rhythms™ Concerto

For the Home, Office, and On-The-Go


Use at the office to guard against negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) from computers, fax machines and copiers.

When you're on the go, the Concerto™ works quietly against the effects of cellular phones and pagers with DC power and optional adapters.

Protect your family from the potentially harmful effects of kitchen appliances, televisions, stereos, nearby power lines and home computers. 




"We installed the Concerto after having lived next to power lines for 3 years, with incredible health issues.  BUT, my daughter's health problems of 5 years DISAPPEARED within a month of having your Concerto.  Our fatigue, skin rashes, digestive troubles, etc. all vanished.  And I can't tell you what it's done for our marriage!  No more crabbiness!!   So THANK YOU for all you do.  It was TRULY A life saver." - Concerto User Testimonial


 Light Rhythms™ Symphony™

For Large Outdoor Applications

The Light Rhythms™ Symphony™ counteracts negative effects of electromagnetic radiation produced by power lines, power stations, cellular phone towers, and satellite transmissions, protecting nature on farms, orchards, timberland, wildlife sanctuaries, and backyards.