Light Rhythms™ EMF Protectors™

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How does Light Rhythms technology work?

Light Rhythms' Technology works on the principle of Unified Field Theory to create organization and conformity within a system, thereby heightening performance, creating stability and coherence. Evidence of these effects can be demonstrated in crisper, clearer sound resolution on audio and stereo equipment, superior television screen resolution, higher energy and productivity levels in people as well as greater mental clarity. Light Rhythms' technology does not modify the system itself; it simply works as a guide to create order and coherence.

Frequencies manifest themselves in wave form patterns. As a wave form occurs, it climbs to higher levels of excitation, becoming subject to friction, encountering distortion by colliding with objects and other wave forms, and ultimately losing information and energy. In other words, the frequency becomes chaotic. The term for this chaos in the world of electronics is "noise". Undetectable by human ears, this "noise" is what causes the undesirable distortion of frequencies. In the world of nature, which we as humans are a part of, chaotic frequency is responsible for much of our mental, emotional and physical "DisEase".

By exposing a wave form (frequency) to a sustained resonance of order (organization), Light Rhythms' organizes the wave form at its source, causing a realignment of each level of excitation, and brings it into sync with it's source frequency. This coming into phase of each level establishes coherency and better conductivity in the wave form's performance.

My neighbor and I both have Concertos in our homes. She claims she can feel her Concerto working, but I can't feel anything! Is there something wrong with my machine or is it me??

There is nothing wrong with you or your machine. Some people, like your neighbor, are more sensitive to energy than others. What she is feeling is the absence of chaos in her home. Most of us have become so used to that chaos that we don't even really notice how it effects us anymore. We no longer know what coherence feels like! But if someone from the nineteenth century could travel in time to the 21st century, the electromagnetic pollution would no doubt hit him like a ton of bricks and probably make him sick!

Even if you don't "feel" anything different, if you pay attention you will notice subtle differences, for example your children may be getting along better, you are probably sleeping better at night, your house plants are looking a little healthier, and your television and radio reception may even have improved.

You can do an experiment; after you have lived with your Concerto for a few weeks, turn it off for a few days; you will be surprised to find that your house doesn't feel quite as nice to come home to anymore. You will not be willing to conduct that experiment too many times once you get used to living with coherence!