BT3™ Frequency Monitoring System

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NOTE:  The BT3™ Frequency Monitor has been discontinued.
We have provided this page for informational purposes only.
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    This frequency counter is subject to two fundamental limitations in it's sensitivity. The first is the noise of the electrons moving through the circuitry of the counter input circuitry. For a typical 3GHz bandwidth front end, this results in input noise floor of about -70dBm. Since any desired signal to be counted must exceed this level by 10 - 15dB so the counter can reliably count zero crossings, the limiting sensitivity is -44 to -60dBm. This figure is approached by this counter when operated in a laboratory environment, but there is another, more limiting factor when attempting to count radiated signals using the special designed bio-frequency sensor.
    Unless you find yourself on a deserted Pacific island, the signal you intend to measure is not the only one reaching the counter's sensor. Once the sensor is attached to the counter, every signal besides the one of interest becomes a source of interference and the second sensitivity limitation. The level of these incidental signals can be quite large, in fact, and usually is the limiting factor in bio-frequency measurement.
Local AM, FM, and TV transmitters broadcast with hundreds of kilowatts and yield an RF background that obscures all measurements. Again, since the desired signal must exceed all others by 10-15dB, this difference in level can only be achieved by getting the counter much closer to the desired source. Thus, touching the Bio-sensor on the spot or object to be read, will increase the level performance of the system.


Rechargeable Battery Operation: The counter can operate several hours from fully charged internal NiCad batteries when the "PWR" switch is in the "ON" position. The batteries are charged when the unit is powered by the AC-Charger/Adapter and the "PWR" switch is in the "ON" position. Full recharge will occur in 12 to 16 hours. The battery packs will also charge at a reduced charge rate while the counter is being operated from the AC-Charger/Adapter. The counter may be operated over prolonged periods by AC Adapter operation with no harm to batteries as the charge current is regulated. THE BATTERIES SHOULD BE DEEP CYCLED OCCASIONALLY BY ALLOWING THEM TO COMPLETELY DISCHARGE AND FULLY  CHARGE SEVERAL TIMES TO MAINTAIN  BATTERY CAPACITY. 


For use with the Bio-sensor the following protocol should be followed.
1. Attach Bio-sensor to BNC connector, Input A, on top of counter unit.
2. Slide PWR switch to ON or up position.
3. "Filter" switch should be off.
4. "Capture" switch should be off.
5. "AMP" switch should be on 50 Ohm or down.
6. "Range" switches should be up or in the 200MHz and 800MHz
7. The "Input A/B" and "ARM/STORE" switches are not active when the above settings are used.
8. The "Gate" switch should be pushed three (3) times which will display five places to the right of the decimal.  At this setting the average reading of 2 million readings is displayed every .1 seconds.  Pushing the "Gate" button 4 times displays the average every 1 second. Pushing the "Gate" button 5 times displays the average every 10 seconds. Pushing the "Gate" button 6 times returns the display to two decimal readings which are averages every .0001 second
Pushing once is .001 second
twice is .01 sec.
three is .1 sec.
four is 1 sec.
five is 10 sec.
six is returns to the beginning.
All Bio reading should be taken using the average every .1 seconds or thre pushes of the "Gate" button.
During operation the "Capture" switch can be used to lock on and freeze the last average reading. The "Capture" switch should then be turned off to resume scanning. Under most modern day environmental conditions this frequency counter will not read 00.00 when it is turned on. This is not a problem when using the counter, in as much as it will register any signal which is 10-15dB higher than the back ground garbage. This can be achieved by getting the counter closer to the desired source. Thus, touching the bio-sensor on the spot or object to be read will over-ride most of the garbage.
All life pulsates in time to the earth, and our artificial fields cause abnormal reactions in all organisms as well as in this sensor and counter. Use with patience and forbearance.