Coherent Resources, Inc. 

Bruce Tainio, founder of Coherent Resources, Inc., and Tainio Technology & Technique, Inc., developed an interest in frequency many years ago when, as a plant geneticist, he began to observe the relationship between frequencies and plant health. These early experiments opened a whole new field of study for Bruce, which has now spanned more than a decade. 

In his studies, Bruce found a need for some method of measuring the frequencies his plants were emitting, but found that nothing existed that could produce satisfactory results. So in 1990 he set out to invent such an instrument himself, and subsequently developed the BT3™ Frequency Monitoring System. The frequency monitor opened up many avenues of discovery in the area of frequencies and their effects first on plants and later on animals and humans. The frequency monitor became a valuable tool in proving and explaining that every living thing has an energy field that is measurable, and that different frequencies can effect those energy fields either positively or negatively which in turn has significant effects on the health of the organism.

In 1993 Bruce and Athena Tainio established Coherent Resources, Inc. (formerly Infinity Resources, Inc.) as a means of furthering these energy studies. Out of Bruce's new knowledge came a study on the effects of chaotic electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on our environment and our physical and mental health, and the development of a line of products called Light Rhythms™ technology to introduce coherency into our environment and provide protection from potentially harmful EMRs. The Concerto™ to protect the home, automobile and workplace, and the portable Solo™(currently unavailable) for the person on the go.

Today, we at Coherent Resources are continuing in Bruce's quest for more knowledge of frequency and its application and influence on our daily lives and on agriculture.

It is our belief that frequency is tomorrow's solution to today's unanswered questions in the continuing search for better ways to promote a healthier planet.